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Surface pattern design

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SURFACE PATTERN DESIGNS: Custom seamless repeating patterns designed individually or in collections (contact me before booking the service if you are looking for a collection of patterns and not 1 single design). When purchasing one of the services, book the number of days required for each pattern: 2 working days (pattern E ) / 4 working days (pattern C) / 6 working days (pattern B) / 10 working days (pattern A). Feel free to contact me for any question and if what you are looking for is not llisted.

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(VAT incl.)

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  • Surface Pattern design: E varten 220.00‚ā¨
  • Surface Pattern design: C varten 365.00‚ā¨
  • Surface Pattern design: B varten 590.00‚ā¨
  • Surface Pattern design: A varten 675.00‚ā¨
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04, Aug 2021
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I am Fiorenza, a creative entrepreneur! I create repeating patterns and illustrations, while also offering graphic design services.
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