Frequently Asked Questions


Kyky Today is an online platform where freelancers, entrepreneurs, students, and hobbyists sell their skills and services to buyers in Finland. 

Skillers are all self-employed persons who offer services and jobs to buyers and are registered on the Kyky Today platform. Freelancers, students doing part-time jobs, hobbyists, solo entrepreneurs, or companies can join our community.

Kyky Today is a revolutionary social platform through which talents specializing in professional fields can become visible to potential buyers. By selling their skills online and offline, Skillers responds to the labor market’s immediate needs by providing cost-effective and flexible services.

Kyky Today covers several areas and skills. These are the main working categories:

  • Home & Repair – home repairs & maintenance jobs; recycling; seasonal jobs like snow removal, gardening & landscaping.
  • Moving & Cleaning  – Cleaners & moving jobs.
  • Care & Wellness –  babysitters & elderly care and support; pet care; mind & health coaches, sports & gym trainers; hair stylists,  make-up & fashion experts;
  • Creative & IT jobs –  Photographers, graphic designers, content writers, social media consultants, artists;  programmers, IT developers, IT designers, technicians, &  others. 
  • Learning & Coaching – school teachers & tutors; life coaches; accountants, Business consultants; Lawyers, Tax & finance consultants;
  • Catering & Entertainment – cooks & catering; event planners & entertainment. 

KyKy Today is a platform that allows you to find Skillers to do the work you need, even at short notice. Each Skiller has an open calendar with contact information to make a quick reservation through the platform. You can quickly find, select and book the Skiller you need for the job.

Instead of waiting for quotes and email responses, Kyky Today helps you find the perfect match for your job.

Go to the ‘search’  bar on the home page to start typing. You can easily search for a service or skills by entering any keywords related to the type of services you need.

Another way is through browsing the category on the drop-down list menu. 

You can refine your search by area, distance, price range, Skiller’s experience, or by typing the person/company’s name. 

When you are looking for an employee by skill, you will get a list of freelancers, their prices, open calendar, availability, reviews, and location. By clicking SELECT, you can book a professional Skiller and add more detailed questions in the comment box. For additional communication, buyers and sellers can communicate through their internal messaging system on the Kyky Today platform.

On the main page, register as a buyer by simply pushing the button register and sign up using your email. Signing up and creating an account in Kyky Today is free. After you sign up, you will be receiving an email with your username and password. Keep it safe for future references.

Yes, you can modify/update your profile at anytime.

Please, enter your email and click on “forgot password” on the main page. Kyky will send you an email that will allow you to reset your password.

We only need your email address and name if you are purchasing services.

Please, note that the Skiller will ask for your location (address and postcode) offline, as he needs to reach you to complete the task. The conversation will be handled via the instant messaging option available in the forum.

You will immediately receive an order summary by e-mail with the reference number. At the same time, your order will also appear on your profile on the ‘my bookings’ tab. In your booking, you will see a summary of the Skiller you have booked, the booking time, the price, the payment method you want, and any other additional information. Please note that if something is not clear, you can send an instant message to the Skiller via the chat system or contact the Support Team for more information or updates: support@kyky.today

Yes. You can use our internal messaging system at anytime.

You can cancel a reservation without any problems. However, it is important to note that some Skillers might charge a cancellation fee within 14 days.

However, we encourage you to work things out with your Skiller by rescheduling a new time before approving a cancellation.  The cancel button is available under ‘My Job’ Pending order. 

If a Skiller does not show up, you simply mark the job as NOT COMPLETED and the money will be refunded on your account. You can then decide to keep it there and use it as credit for your next order or cash it out.

If you are not satisfied with the job, or the service performed by a Skiller, you can contact him/her by private message or through our leave a review matching his/ her performance. We encourage you to solve the problem directly with him/her. We will not intervene unless you request support from us by contacting us via email support@kyky.today

Property owners can ask Skillers to compensate for the damage, as they are 100% responsible for their actions. We encourage Skillers to purchase their own insurance, as it is often a sign of reliability, professionalism, and financial responsibility. We recommend that you choose Skillers who have insurance for your own peace of mind.

We recommend rating Skiller’s services because it helps professionals to build business credibility and helps other buyers to choose the right professionals for their work. After the job has been completed, you will receive an email from the system asking for a review.

Yes, you can. You can be both a buyer and a seller. Just search the service you want to buy from the main page and book from the Skiller’s page.

Do you still have questions?

Email us your questions at board@kyky.today